Jazz Things Up With a Visit to Our Local Lounge

Spend time in the Roaring '20s at Maddie's on Main in Monroe City, MO

Have you ever wanted to jump into a time machine and travel back to the Roaring '20s? Maddie's on Main in Monroe City, Missouri gives you that chance with our local lounge and patio bar. You'll be immersed in the 1920s thanks to our antique d├ęcor, laid-back atmosphere and outdoor patio bar. We've selectively included some modern-era amenities, such as large-screen TVs with games to entertain our guests.

Visit our local lounge today to explore the world of the Roaring '20s.

Everyone is welcome

At Maddie's on Main, we think everyone should have the chance to enjoy 1920s culture. Our local lounge is perfect for nearly any occasion. Stop by for:

  • A unique, relaxing first date
  • An evening with the family
  • A fun way to unwind from the day

Grab your friends, get all dolled up and spend some time at our welcoming local lounge in Monroe City, Missouri today.